Because life does matter


Police officers are facing situations where an aerial system could increase their security, their efficiency and their ability to have the right information at the right time.

Today, manned helicopters are used to fulfill these needs. But requesting a helicopter implied some disadvantages like the time to arrive on site, the costs, the authorization, the difficulty to manoeuver in urban areas.

Workaround solution

Some solutions can be found on the market, that allows officers to use drones easily, but with some major disadvantages:

  • Video streaming is not secure, which allows potential intruders to receive the video stream.
  • Video storage is not secured, which means that whatever the pertinence of what the drone catch through his cameras, it has no value in a trial
  • Video stream and UAV control lost due to radio interferences, or metallic buildings

Our solution

  • Multi-point access to control the UAV and receive the video streaming and mission’s information
  • Video and telemetry certification
  • Autonomous flight that allows the UAV in case of communication loss to get back on his way or pursue his mission safely
  • Automatic photogrammetry

Sample use cases

  • Accident management
  • Aerial eye witness for some particular situation
  • Hostage rescue
  • Traffic control
  • Crowd control
  • Research