The best way to warn against intrusion


Governments are facing new threats related to the border controls. The need to secure and control country immigration is more important than ever.

Today, several processes are pursuing this objective. Their high cost and requirements in term of human resources make them slow to deploy.

Actual situation

There are teams deallocated from their usual tasks or taken out of reserve to locally be deployed in case of emergencies, with the risk of being under numbered if multiple emergencies happened.

Our solution

Through the ALX system, multiple inputs can be configured to centralize and manage information flow First, drones can be deployed and managed automatically without intervention of an operator.

Secondly, cameras and other equipment can be connected to the system to be processed by the Artificial Intelligence engine, for pattern detection, facial recognition or other type of processing. This helps to reduce needs in human resource to fulfill wide mission in a reduced time.

Sample use cases

  • Immigration control
  • Terrorism